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My name is Barbara. Some people call me 'Babz' and some people call me 'B'.

I was born in Nigeria, raised in England and now reside in France.


During my childhood, I was surrounded by family members who wore their hair in different styles. I was fascinated by the luxurious nature of black hair and the many diverse ways black hair could be worn. Like most young black girls, I spent many hours getting my hair combed, braided and styled. At the age of 10, I was sent to work in a hair braiding salon by my mother to learn how to braid. She told me that I would oversee taking care of my younger sister’s hair when we finally migrate to England.


While growing up in England, I would regularly braid my sister’s hair, and also my friends and other family members. I always received praise on my braiding quality and creativity. In fact, I never gave up an opportunity to braid hair, even if it was for someone I just met!


While studying in France, I also carried on braiding for friends and their family members. Over the years, I have become even more passionate about braiding and hairdressing in general. Recently, I decided to take the leap of faith, by leaving my legal career background to venture into becoming a full time hairstylist!

This new hairstyling journey feels just right. Although I am still a student of the art, I am learning and gaining as much experience along the way.

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